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Add a touch of autumn to your home with these simple fall decorating ideas for the kitchen. From decor to fresh flowers and sweet treats, you can dress up your kitchen for the season in no time at all.

After sharing the big reveal of my kitchen remodel with you last week (Click here if you missed it.) I'm back with another tour of my kitchen. It's a bit different this time, however. My Seasons of Home blogger friends and I are back for another year of inspiring seasonal decor ideas.

We are kicking off our 2019 season by sharing fall decorating ideas for the kitchen! After you've checked things out here, be sure to take a look at everyone's festive fall kitchen space. I've linked all of them at the end of this post. A special shout-out to the amazingly talented Kristen of Ella Claire and Co. for organizing this fun blogger event!

Since we are in the early days of "fall" (According to the calendar, it's actually still summer), I added just a few simple fall-inspired decorations to my space. These easy ideas will work whenever you decide to start decorating for autumn. Implement them now, or pin a few for later reference.

Fall Decorating Ideas for The Kitchen
Let me walk you through my Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen!

Kitchen Sources: If you're looking for a full list of kitchen sources (appliances, paint, lights, tile, etc.), please visit this post here. If you're looking for a source list of decorative items that appear in this post, please scroll to the end of this post.
Add Colorful Blooms and Fall Foliage
The first thing I did was buy a bunch of flowers. Lately, I've been picking up flowers from a local flower farm (Pisarcik Flower Farm, if you are local). They grow the flowers they sell, and you can't beat their beauty. The colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties are incredible. I'm a huge fan of their dahlias.

However, because of my schedule, I ended up shooting my kitchen on Labor Day and couldn't get my blooms from Pisarcik Flowers. Fortunately, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods were open so I was able to get what I needed.

I mean, how gorgeous is this collection of flowers just sitting in my sink!? Gah!

I prepped all of these flowers and put together little arrangements which I spread around the kitchen. Lately, my go-to vessel for easy flower arrangements is one of the inexpensive white pitchers I've found at HomeGoods. I love that the pitchers typically have a small opening at the top (which makes arranging super easy). Plus, white goes with any flower and any season.

In my pantry, I used this small ironstone creamer. It's amazing how much life and color a small botanical element gives a space. To me, it's just lovely.

Decorate with the Harvest
I also took advantage of the seasonal harvest. Since it's still a bit early, the selection of pumpkins is limited. I made do with apples, pears, and squash! I grew the spaghetti squash and butternut squash in my garden. How's that for inexpensive decor!?

I found this basket at a local shop, House15143. It's one of my new favorite shops here in Pittsburgh.

Since I had so many apples, pears, and squash, I ended up filing up bowls and baskets with them. This is not only a great way to decorate for the season, but also a subtle reminder to bake up something delicious. (Like my Aunt Maybe's Apple Strudel!)

I also added some faux pumpkin to the shelves in my pantry. (Faux works when the real harvest isn't ready.)

I've had these brass (West Elm) and white (HomeGoods and Grandin Road) pumpkins for several years now. They are some of my favorite fall decor. I make use of them every year.

Baking Something Seasonal
Speaking of baking, since I knew you were coming, I decided to whip up a pie! Because I had pears aplenty, and summer blackberries are still available, I combined the two to create this amazing Blackberry Pear Pie. (You can find details on the recipe here.)

Boy, is it delicious! Just as summer gradually melds into fall, it perfectly blends flavors of both seasons. (Of course, this recipe will be equally wonderful later in the fall if it's still too hot for baking where you live!)

I served up my pie on this vintage wooden tray I found at a local antique shop a couple of years ago. I love using aged wood like this for fall. It reminds me of barns and crates of pumpkins.

I also picked up this gorgeous tea towel at another fabulous antique shop: Vintage Revival. The color combination is unique and so pretty! And the towel features pears, which couldn't have been more perfect with my pie.
Add Functional Decor that Feels Seasonal
On my custom work table, I decided to set up a cocktail station. I thought this was a great way to show how seasonal decor doesn't need to be something literal like a pumpkin or an apple. Here, golds, wood tones, canned bourbon cherries (I'll be sharing this recipe soon!), and a splash of bourbon create the feeling and look of autumn. I probably wouldn't leave this up all the time, but it's a fun display for guests.

For those of you who follow IBC, this set-up may remind you of my Apple Cider Sidecars. I made them last year, and they have become a must-make fall cocktail around here. I think you'll love them, too!

You could create a more permeant installation by setting up a bar cart or using a small countertop area or shelf to create your cocktail moment.

Some useful items like matches and cinnamon sticks in pretty containers also make great decor.

I also set out my favorite "Forever Fall Mugs". You may remember last year I made hot apple cider in them. They are from a local shop, Lily and Val. Unfortunately they are not available this year. (Though they do have lots of other cute goodies!)

Incorporate Unique or Quirky Elements
Finally, I don't believe any space is complete without a few unique, personal, or even quirky elements. Let me show you what I mean.

In my pantry, I've displayed this set of salt and pepper shakers shaped like football players. (How perfect for fall!? I found them at a local antique store.) Not only are they cute, but since I shared them on Instagram a few weeks ago, it's been fun how they sparked a conversation about what people thought they were upon first glance. Those thoughts included sumo wrestlers and maidens with big buns in their hair. Love it!

As I also mentioned when I shared my kitchen reveal, I've started a collection of vintage metal trays on the wall in my pantry. While the designs vary, several of the plates are specific to Pennsylvania. They include images of the state flower and names of towns/cities in the Keystone State.

Finally, I've been adding to my collection of vintage brass animals. This pig, which I recently found at a flea market, is the perfect bit of bling on my range. What do you think?

And with that, I'd say my kitchen is ready for the start of a new season. I hope you picked up a few simple fall decorating ideas for YOUR own kitchen!

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It's been a pleasure showing you around my new space. I hope you enjoyed this fall tour. Again, if you want to see more of my kitchen or have questions about finishes and selections, visit this post here for all the details.

Fall Kitchen Decorating Sources:
Cocotte: Staub White Pumpkin Cocoette
Olive Oil Pitcher - Spanish Oil Pitcher
Ruffled Pie Dish: Emilie Henry 10 Inch Ruffled Pie Dish
Cinnamon Sticks: Williams Sonoma Cinnamon Sticks
Matches: Paddywax Jarred Matches
Knife Block: Zwilling Pro Holm Oak Knife Set
Candle: Moss Scented Candle
Cloche: Small Glass Candle Cloche
Rosemary Tree - Live Rosemary Topiary Tree
Wall Clock: Brass Kennedy Clock
Flour and Sugar Glass Canisters – Montana Glass Canisters
Mixing Bowls: Mason Cash Mixing Bowl
Utensil Holder: Large Marble Utensil Holder
White Dinnerware: Hue White Dinnerware
Glassware:  Tour Highball
Wine Glasses: Edge Red Wine Glasses
Cocktail Shaker:  Gold Cocktail Shaker
Coupe Glasses: Pryce Gold Rimmed Coupe Glasses
Coffee Cups and Saucers: Set of 8 Aspen Cups and Saucers
Dish Soap Dispenser: Marina Soap Dispenser in Gold
Hand Soap Dispenser: Seasside Soap Dispenser in Gold
Plate for Soaps: Rectangular Appetizer Plate

Items No Longer Sold: white ceramic pumpkins, brass ceramic pumpkins, brass acorn, wood / silver flatware, living rosemary tree

Vintage Items: salt and pepper shakers, tines, wood bowl set, glass rolling pin, cutting boards, metal trays, small wall art, gravy boats, tea towels

That's a wrap on sources. If I missed anything, please let me know in the comments below.
Seasons of Home Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas:
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