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Ceramic Pitcher - Top 21 | Carafes & Pitcher

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s   1. FUYU FUYU Ceramic Colorful Creamer with Handle, Coffee Milk Creamer Pitcher FUYU - Size 47 x 39 inches 12 x 10 cm Perfect for serving milkcreamsalad saucerhot maple syrupdrawn butter Capacity about 240 ml 8 oz Material highfired ceramic Environmental protection ceramics feel delicate and smooth It features dripfree spout and comfortgrip handle more easy to usekeep table clean   2. susteas SUSTEAS 2.0 Liter 68 ounces glass pitcher with lid iced tea pitcher water jug hot cold water ice tea wine coffee milk and juice beverage carafe susteas - Large capacity2000ml68oz actual capacity is 1800ml with...

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