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The scent of pine needles wafting through the air, strings of lights twinkling left and right, and the feel of festivity all aroundits that time of year again. If youre anything like us here at Home Designing, then you have quite the lengthy to-do list before the big guy in red arrives, and that probably includes finding the perfect gift for a few of your favorite people. Luckily, our 2019 holiday gift guide has something for everyone on your list. Whether that includes a new tech toy for the technology lover in your life, a few kitchen upgrades for the aspiring chef, or a picturesque prop for the Instagrammer, weve got you covered. Happy holidays!


Egguins Penguin Shaped Egg Holder: Even those who are inherently not a morning person will smile at this quirky and adorable kitchen accessory! The best part? This little clan is more than just a fun display, you can dip them in a pot of boiling water to create the perfect boiled eggs! Who will love it: The foodie, the penguin lover, the morning grouch.


UFO Cookie Jar: Aliens have been spotted this holiday seasonand they bring the gift of sweet treats! If you are looking for a gift that is out-of-this world, then this may be just what Santa ordered. Plus, you can probably score a few bonus points if you fill it with cookies before gifting. Who will love it: The cookie monster, the believer, the zero waster.


Cat Paw Glass Tumblers: A gift that any cat lover would be thrilled to get their paws on. This tumbler set is perfect when enjoying a few holiday cocktails or putting out milk for Santa. They really are the cats meow! Who will love it: The cat parent, the animal lover, the quirky friend.

$233BUY IT

Parrot Water Carafe: Know someone who would love to give their dinner table display a boost or perhaps someone who always seems to be thirsty? This parrot water carafe might be just what they need. Hand cut and hand painted, this accessory is a luxurious find that is perfect to not only make meals look more inviting, but it would also make a great add to a bedside table or office. Who will love it: The bird lover, the hostess, the parched sleeper.


Gold And Marble Patterned Cups: The only thing that makes coffee better is a gorgeous mug to sip it from. These gold and black patterned cups are the perfect addition to any glam girl or guys cup collectionespecially if they love to show off their food on social media. Also available in white. Who will love it: The java junkie, the Instagrammer, the mug collector.

$475BUY IT

Riedel Boa Wine Decanter: If you have a wine lover in your life, then a wine decanter is a must. This curvy crystal boa undoubtedly makes for a remarkably eye-catching display, but it also helps tease flavor notes out of red wine that would otherwise be misseda complete game changer! Who will love it: The hostess, the wino, the snake lover.


White And Gold Table Ware: While this utensil set will elevate any Instagrammers food posts, it is also perfect to tuck away in a purse or backpack. Theyre a much more stylish option than plastic cutlery, plus a whole lot better for the environmentits a win win. Available in multiple colors. Who will love it: The environmentalist, the Instagrammer, the foodie.

From $34BUY IT

Laser Engraved Cutting Boards: A great gift idea for everyone from the budding chef to the more seasoned cook, this handmade engraved cutting board can be geared toward anyone. The maker, A Family Forest, sells over 200 cutting board designs! Including one that can be personalized with a family recipe. Who will love it: The quirky chef, the handmade supporter, the scientist.


Nambe Tea Kettle, White: Help your friends and family stay warm and cozy all winter with a stylish white tea kettle. What makes it special? Its classic styling with a modern twist. Not only does this kettle whistle when ready and feature a round retro form, but it also has a cool touch acacia wood handle, chrome accents, and a no spill pour spout. Plus its also available in black. Who will love it: The tea drinker, the slow living enthusiast, the hostess.


Genie Lamp Incense Burner: Rub this lamp and you will get a wish! Well, just as long as that wish is for a fun and unique incense burner. While this Aladdin gold lamp unfortunately wont have a genie pop out, it does feature detailed embossing and an intricate design that any Disney lover is sure to enjoy. Who will love it: The Disney lover, the genie looking for a new home, the yogi.


Woodland Creature Vases: Adopt a few woodland creatures this holiday season. Not only are they an adorable addition to any decor, but they require no food or water. However, we hear if you put flowers or succulents in them that they look extra cute! Who will love it: The Scandinavian decor lover, the animal enthusiast, the bunny owner.

$118BUY IT

Driftwood Branch Shaped Candle Holder: A gift that the recipient will be proud to put on display. Whether a house is in need of a golden touch for the holiday season or a touch of glam gold all year long, this driftwood branch candle holder is up to the task. Who will love it: The glam outdoorist, the new home owner, the candle burner.


Prisma Decorative Wall Accents: If you or someone you know cant get enough of geometric decor, you arent alone! Not only do pieces like these Prisma wall accents have a sharp dynamic quality that instantly draws the eye, but they go with a variety of decor styles. Who will love it: The new home owner, the young adult, the naked entryway.

$206BUY IT

Twisted Knife Holder And Shelf: Add a little twist to any kitchen with this unique knife holder! Not only does this magnetized wood strip effortlessly hold the kitchen knives in easy reach, but it also features a shelf that is perfect to display a few key accessories, like salt and pepper shakers or a few small potted herbs. Who will love it: The cook, the small kitchen owner, the unique decor lover.


Animal Shaped Ring Holders: Never worry about lost rings again with possibly the cutest ring task force. These little creatures will put a smile on any girls face this holiday season. Looking for a proposal idea? Gift her these adorable fellas before bringing out the ring! Who will love it: The girlfriend, the teenager, the animal adorer.


Hands Up Pencil Holder: Every artist can use a hand now and then and getting one for under $20 is quite the steal! Whether you know someone whose studio could use a little organizing or have an office worker who loves offbeat decor, this is a go-to gift. Who will love it: The artist, the office worker, the one who can never find a pen.


Waste Bin: Trash is unsightly, but it doesnt mean that your waste bin has to be. This unique trash can is sleek and stylish with a wide rim that conceals any plastic bag. An award winning design available in 17 colors. Who will love it: The home office worker, the clutter hater, the clean freak.


Personalized Bookends: Go homemade for the holidays with personalized bookends. Not only is this flower holding bookend a great gift for book lovers, but it is also customizable with both an engraved message AND a hidden message. How neat is that!? Who will love it: The bookworm, the book collector, the academic.

$100BUY IT

Oak Bed Tray Table: Infuse some hygge into your holiday season with an oak bed tray tablebecause nothing says cozy quite like breakfast in bed. Looking to make it more personal? Include a few breakfast in bed coupons for your loved one to cash in over the year! Who will love it: The girlfriend, the mother, the avid social media poster.


Minimalist Cotton & Tissue Vase: Guessing which brands a makeup lover uses can be painstaking, so get them a gift that takes out the guessworkand potential disappointment. This minimalist cotton and tissue vase is a must to keep makeup stations and bathrooms neatlyand stylishlyorganized. Who will love it: The beauty queen, the minimalist, the makeup lover.


Narwhal Toothpick Dispenser: If theres anything better than finally getting that piece of food out of your teeth, it might be letting the unicorn of the sea help you with the task. This narwhal toothpick dispenser embodies the true meaning of giving by dutifully giving up its horn for you each time you have something stuck in your teetha true kitchen hero! He even has matching a whale dispenser friend available. Who will love it: The sea creature lover, the marine biologist, the quirky kitchen owner.

$160BUY IT

Mova Self Rotating Globes: Want the whole world in your hands? Not only does the Mova self rotating globe make that possible, but it also uniquely features a satellite view with cloud cover and solar powered technology to rotate on its own. One of the coolest space themed gifts for 2019! Who will love it: The educator, the tech geek, the world traveler.

$190BUY IT

Umbra Wobble Chess Set: While there are endless chess sets available, there is none quite like this. This unique chess set gives the classic game an aesthetic twist with its concave landscape that stabilizes the freely wobbling pieces. Who will love it: The Dad, the scholar, the board gamer.

From $15BUY IT

Dinosaur Planters: Have a quirky plant lover in your life? Or maybe a little budding gardener? Not only will these dinosaur shaped plant pots be a conversation starter in any room, but they are fun for both kids and adults alike. Who will love it: The dinosaur lover, the plant hoarder, the budding gardener.

$225BUY IT

Side Table With A Built In Hydroponic Planter: Looking to go big with your gift? This small side table with a built-in hydroponic planter is what indoor plant dreams are made of! Not only does the table portion make this a highly functional gift, but the bottom makes growing plants, vegetables, and herbs easy as pieeven for chronic plant killers. It comes with a grow light, a seed starting kit, plant nutrition packets, and Bluetooth connectivity to take the guesswork out of growing, letting you control your system right from your phone. Who will love it: The plant murderer, the plant enthusiast, the clean eater.


Hanging Golden Planter: Or maybe the plant lover in your life needs something a little less quirky, but none-the-less unique. This hanging planter is an excellent option. Not only does it come in at an affordable price point, but it can be used indoors or outdoor, plus it is also available in black. Who will love it: The gardener, the plant still in its plastic pot, the plant enthusiast.

$104BUY IT

Vivero Watering Can: Know someone who constantly forgets to water their plants? Give them a little encouragement with a unique watering can. While most watering cans need to be stashed away because they arent exactly picturesque, these metallic beauties are a different story. This watering can can be proudly displayed, serving as gentle reminder to give the plants some H20. Who will love it: The gardener, the nature lover, the thirsty plant on your co-workers desk.


Hippo Bottle Opener: Hungry, hungry hippo! This little guy has retired from the classic kids game and has traded in his marble gobbling life for that of a beer wench. The good news is he now has a new resume skill: opening beer bottles like a pro. Who will love it: The safari lover, the beer drinker, the man cave dweller.


Notre Dame Cathedral 3D Metal Model Kit: Remember the Notre Dame cathedral and all its architectural glory with a 3D metal model kit. This depiction of an iconic and sacred building that made headlines in 2019 is not only a fun intro to 3D metal modelling, but also a great addition to any modelers collection. Who will love it: The puzzler, the traveler, the modeler.

$100BUY IT

Storage Stool That Doubles Up As An Ottoman Or Side Table: A timeless side table with a light and airy design that someone on your shopping list is sure to love. Not only does this piece function as a side table, but it also doubles as a storage stool or ottoman. Who will love it: The young adult, the new homeowner, the neat freak.

$200BUY IT

Philips Somneo Sunrise Alarm & Sunset Fading Night Light: An alarm blaring or the radio blasting probably isnt anyones idea of an ideal wake up call, so why not change that? The Phillips Somneo Sunrise Alarm is a unique desk clock that is clinically proven to improve your energy, sleep and well-being, all while eliminating harshly being jolted awake. It features a naturally colored sunrise and has sounds like chirping birds to simulate morning to slowly rouse you from sleep. Have trouble falling asleep? It even has a light guided wind down function. Who will love it: The morning grouch, the night shifter, the early bird.

$144BUY IT

Pidan Igloo Shaped Cat Litter Box: Get in the spirit of winter by gifting a cat with its own igloo. Okay, its really a litter box that doubles as stylish cat furniture, but the patented grated doorway will help keep litter in the box and it comes in 4 colorsenough to keep the cat and its owner happy! Who will love it: The cat lady, the pet owner, the cat that aspires to be a penguin.

$100BUY IT

Whistle GPS Location And Health Tracker for Pets: Make sure Fido and Fluffy are safe and happy all year long with a GPS location tracker. It gives text alerts when your pet leaves home, has a battery that lasts up to 7 days, is waterproof, and attaches to any collar or harness. Who will love it: The worry wort, the pet parent.


iHealth No Contact Infrared Thermometer: Make sick days a little easier with an infrared thermometer. Its no contact design means that you dont have to wake your little one to take their temperatureit even has silent button to ensure the least disturbance possible. Who will love it: The parent, the educator, the daycare provider.

$105BUY IT

Kids Balance Bike: Zoom Zoom! Give the gift of the best wheels on the block with a balance bike. This bike starts off a tricycle, then as your child gets older it can be converted to a two wheel. It is the smallest 2-in-1 bike on the market and pure perfection for ages 1-2. Who will love it: The busy bee, the daycare provider, the little mover on your list.

$599BUY IT

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: The vacuum that every home needs. Fighting with cords and extensions is a thing of the past with this Dyson cordless vacuum. What makes it better than other cordless competitors? Twice the suction, the fact that it automatically adapts when moving between floor types, a battery countdown timer so you can plan your cleaning accordingly, and amazing reviews. Who will love it: The clean freak, the busy parent, anyone with floors to clean.

$165BUY IT

Thor Hammer Tool Box: While Thors hammer traditionally isnt used to fix things, this tool box is another story. Its an officially licensed piece of Marvel decor that is ready to take on any job with a hammer head full of tools. Who will love it: The Marvel lover, the boyfriend, the geeky Dad.

$400BUY IT

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer:This is basically the Ferrari of hair dryers. Its expensive, but the unique design makes it extraordinarily nice to use: Theres no vibration whatsoever and its simple-to-switch magnetic attachments make styling easier. Plus, the motor sits in the handle, making the nozzle shorter and easier to maneuver and it helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine as the temperature is measured 20 times every second for accuracy. So much to love! Who will love it: The girlfriend, the Curly Girl, the mother.

$140BUY IT

Retro Cute Keyboard: Bring in 2020 with blast from the past with this cool keyboard. This typewriter-like keyboard makes any computer setup extra stylish with its round keys and sleek finish: Who will love it: The blogger, the teenager, the young adult.

$400BUY IT

Samsung Space Saving Monitor: A computer upgrade that is sure to be greatly appreciated. When it comes to tight desk spaces, the Samsung space saving monitor comes to the rescue with its unique design that gives you 40% more usable desk area. It is available in two sizes, features a clamp that easily installs on any desk up to 3.54-inches thick, and has a 4K display. Who will love it: The student, the minimalist, the desktop computer owner.


Gold And Concrete Desk Lamp: Gift someone that lights up your life with a concrete and gold desk lamp. It will blend perfectly with industrial or mid-century modern decor and the bulb is included. Who will love it. The industrial decor adopter, the young adult.


Heng Balance Lamp: If youve been looking for a unique table lamp or fun, yet practical gift, then you definitely need to checkout the Heng Balance Lamp. To turn on, simply pull up the bottom ball. How cool is that!? Available in 4 colors. Who will love it: The young adult, the unique decor lover, the Scandinavian decor adopter.


Cute And Geeky Pac-Man Lamp: A retro vibe may be all this holiday season needs to shine and this highly-rated Pac-Man lamp fits the criteria. He features 12 sounds, a plug-in cord, and a remote that controls his brightness. Who will love it: The retro gamer, the arcade dweller, the video game nerd.


Modular Touch Sensitive Wall Lights: Christmas lights that are stylish all year long! This modular wall light is possibly one of the coolest wall lights we have ever seen with a function that turns on with a single tap and the ability to rearrange the pieces in infinite ways with as many pieces as you choose. So, if the recipient loves it, they can always add on! Who will love it: The tech nerd, the young adult.


Portable Fireplace: If you fantasize about the tried-and-true tradition of gathering by a cozy fire over the holidays, but dont have a fireplace, this portable fireplace could be the game changer youve been waiting for. It can be placed indoors and outdoors, requires no chimney, and its available in 3 colors. Who will love it: The hostess, the mother, the wife thats always cold.

$250BUY IT

Shabby Chic Ceiling Fan: A unique ceiling fan may be just what the design doctor ordered to make your home into a showpiece not just for the holidays, but all year long. This shabby chic piece has an extra edge with its distressed detailing that draws the eye, without being overwhelming. Who will love it: The Farmhouse, the french country home, the decor enthusiast.

$419BUY IT

DJI Mavic Mini Portable Drone: If you are looking at drones, but dont want your recipient to have to go through the hassle of FAA registration, then we highly recommend the DJI Mavic Mini Drone. Its super small design comes in at just 249 gramswhich is just one gram under the weight cutoff for FAA registration, it has up to 30 minutes of flight time, can stream HD videos from 2.5 miles, and it has a 12 MP camera. Who will love it: The kid, the kid at heart, tech nerds.

From $414BUY IT

Apple Watch Series 5: Have your world at your fingertipsor should we say wrist. This Apple Watch Series 5 upgrades from the Series 4 with an always-on display, a compass, and an added option of titanium or ceramic for materials. Whats stayed the same? It still offers fall detection, changeable bands, health monitoring, music streaming, and more. Who will love it: The health junkie, the Apple phone user, the teenager.

$249BUY IT

Apple Air Pods Pro: A gift that fits perfectly in a stockingwith plenty of room to spare. These compact wireless headphones have been the talk of the town this year and we can see why. They are not only highly discreet and portable with no messy cords to fuss with, but they offer noise cancellation for a premium listening experience, transparency mode if you want to hear whats happening around you, and a customizable fit. Who will love it: the music lover, the public transportation commuter, the teenager, the tech lover.

$300BUY IT

Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones: A 36 hour battery life, Alexa built-in, a microphone, and 4 available colors, it is no wonder Jabra Elite 85h wireless headphones are a favorite among tech pundits and the best Bluetooth wireless headphones according to The Wirecutter. Perfect for those who want a fully immersive music experience on the go or those that could benefit from a bit of noise cancellation. Who will love it: The music lover, the teenager, the young adult, the public transportation commuter.

$179BUY IT

Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp with WiFi Speaker: And to finish off our list, we have another option for all those music lovers you want to gift. This IKEA design is a speaker and lamp combo for those who wish for their technology to blend into their home. Steam via WiFi from your devices for a vibrant sound that is perfect to blast those holiday tunes. Who will love it: The small apartment dweller, the music enthusiast, the student.

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