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A perfect example of the clich dont judge a book by its cover the ambience of Zazz Pizza does not have the pizzazz we have come to expect quality Italian restaurants to decked out with. Tucked away in a nondescript corner near Rochor MRT station and LASALLE College of the Arts, it is easy to overlook the restaurant. However, Zazz Pizza truly is a hidden gem as they have some of the best Italian dishes we have ever tried!

With the pizza doughs made and hand-stretched in house and every dish cooked with the freshest ingredients, we are more than willing to overlook the humble atmosphere for great quality food.

While we could rave about our opinion of the food all day, at Boss 7 Food we dont let just anyone tell us what to eat at a restaurant.

Only the most qualified persons opinion matters: Co-owner and Chef of Zazz Pizza, Chef Hiran Fernando.

Chef Hiran Fernando of Zazz Pizza

Chef Hiran Fernando of Zazz Pizza

Having trained under an Italian chef in Dubai, Chef Hirans passion is in delicate balance of producing authentic Italian food while appealing to local taste buds. In fact, he is so good at it that he has had customers tell him that his food is better than what they had in Italy! Nevertheless, he always welcomes any feedback and strives to give his customers the best.

Here are Chef Hirans top seven recommendations dishes that you must try at his restaurant.

First dish: Margarita (Classic Pizza)
Margarita pizza, Classic pizza, Zazz pizza

Margarita pizza

Whats a pizza restaurant without a classic pizza?

A simple cheese pizza may not seem like a gastronomical adventure, but it is the fine tuning of each element that truly elevates the humble dish. Chef Hiran skimps on no corners in his skillful construction of the Margarita.

Starting from handmaking the pizza dough that requires two days of fermentation, preparing a homemade tomato sauce, and grating fresh mozzarella in bulk by himself, its no wonder why a simple pizza already tastes so good!

Sprinking mozzarella cheese on Margarita pizza

Freshly grated Mozzarella cheese!

Second dish: Prawns in Spicy Italian Sauce
Prawns in Spicy Italian Sauce with garlic bread and salad from Zazz pizza

Prawns in Spicy Italian Sauce

This dish highlights two of Chef Hirans specialties: his secret seafood sauce and homemade garlic bread. Traditionally, the protein is the star of the dish and while the prawns are delicious, the best (and fun!) part is soaking up the savoury spicy sauce with toasted bread an Italian rendition of man tou and chilli crab sauce.

Also, spicy food lovers will find this dish a real treat! Cooked with chipotle chilli that is imported directly from the Philippines, you can be sure that the spice is real.

Prawns cooking in Zazz spicy sauce in frying pan

Zazz special spicy seafood sauce

Third dish: Zazz Salad (Restaurant Specialty!)
Zazz Salad with tomatoes, caramelised sweet onion bruschetta

Zazz Salad, the restaurant's specialty!

How is it that a salad is the Restaurant Specialty of an Italian restaurant? And the only salad on menu to boot!

That is due to the huge range of top-quality ingredients this one salad contains. Completely spruced up with pomegranate, tomatoes, walnuts, quinoa, dry figs, and a special caramelised bruschetta made in house, the Zazz Salad goes way beyond the usual Caesar salad.

However, Chef Hiran knows not everyone might be satisfied with just these offerings. Hence, you can choose to top up the salad with more delicious toppings like grilled chicken, fresh burrata, or grilled ribeye, and choose from the four different dressings to customise the salad to your taste!

Drizzling sauce on Zazz salad

Customise your salad from a variety of quality ingredients and sauces!

Fourth dish: Parma Burrata Pizza (Popular choice!)
Parma burrata pizza from Zazz pizza

Parma Burrata Pizza

At first glance, it is easy to see why this pizza is the Popular Choice of the restaurant. Made with the same Margarita base, handmade pizza dough and generous sprinkling of mozzarella cheese, the Parma Burrata Pizza is a major gastronomical upgrade from the classic pizza!

Heavy handed with the fresh arugula salad, parma ham, and a weighty piece of burrata cheese, you can be assured that every cent is well spent on this pizza! In every bite, you'll sink your teeth into fresh cheesy goodness, savoury ham, and a crispy crust.

parma burrata pizza slice with freshly spread burrata cheese

Absolute must try for cheese lovers!

Fifth dish: Seafood Spaghetti
Seafood spaghetti with fried onions and basil

Seafood Spaghetti

For the seafood lovers, you will LOVE this dish.

A bold claim to make, but proven right as the Seafood Spaghetti is a hit with the locals! The fried onion gives a savoury sweet crunch against the savoury richness of the special seafood sauce. And the plate is brimming with fresh prawns, calamari, scallops, and mussels sauted in white wine!

Perfectly balanced flavours and generous ingredients. We think this dish is not just for the seafood lovers, but for ALL food lovers!

Twining seafood spaghetti on a fork

Fresh seafood and spaghetti in dripping in rich seafood sauce

Sixth dish: Ravioli Dela Casa
Ravioli Dela Casa

Ravioli Dela Casa

The secret to the high standards of Zazz Pizzas food are the handmade components of each dish. For the Ravioli Dela Casa, the raviolis are made fresh by Chef Hiran himself. Stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, he ensures the quality of the dish is always the best.

The ravioli is then covered in the special Zazz saffron cream sauce that is made with real saffron, the most expensive spice in the world! You can even see how much saffron is used from the tell-tale red sprigs in the sauce. Topped off freshly grated parmesan cheese, you know are getting the best of the best in this dish.

Pouring ravioli dela casa sauce over ravioli

Homemade Zazz saffron cream sauce

Seventh dish: Tiramisu (Alcohol-free)
Tiramisu Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free Tiramisu

To end off a delicious meal at Zazz Pizza, Chef Hiran recommends the classic Italian dessert of Tiramisu. The Tiramisu layers are made with freshly whipped mascarpone cream, beaten to perfection, and espresso-soaked lady finger biscuits. Topped with cocoa powder and a strawberry, this dessert is family-friendly as there are no alcohol used!

So light and airy, one could finish the entire cup even if they are full!

Scooping Tiramisu with a spoon

Fluffy Tiramisu with perfectly beaten mascarpone cream

Now that you know the top seven recommendations from Chef Hiran, which of these dishes would you be trying at Zazz Pizza?

If you cant decide on one dish, we have an exclusive promotion for our readers! Just quote BOSS 7 FOOD at the counter while ordering for 15% off at lunch time Monday to Thursday! The promotion is valid for the first 100 readers until 15th December 2019, dine-in only.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry over to Zazz Pizza today and try these delicious dishes for yourself!

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