Camping Dinner Recipes

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You really want great camping food for every meal of the day.

Eating nourishing camping dinner recipes feed the body and satisfy the soul … especially if you gobble them up around a crackling campfire!

Camping Recipes Dinner by CampingForFoodies is a collection of images of prepared camping dinner recipes ready to be served at the campsite including Dutch Oven Thai Campfire Chicken Recipe, Asian Beef And Broccoli Camping Dutch Oven Recipe, One Pot Cast Iron Fish Camping Recipe, Easy Campfire Dutch Oven Dijon Mustard Sauce Chicken Recipe, Campfire Stew Dutch Oven Camping Recipe and Hot Italian Sausage Soup Campfire Recipe the text over the image reads camping dinner recipes.

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Camping Recipes For Dinner

Ever find yourself asking, “What should I make for dinner camping?”

Look no further, these camping dinner ideas are awesome!

Dutch Oven Dinner Recipes

Camp oven dinner recipes are some of the most popular meals.

We've included some of our favorites here but you can find even more of our Dutch oven camping recipes.

This is such an easy recipe!

The fork-tender roast beef and potatoes cook in one pot and have a yummy Mexican flavor profile.

This white chili is perfect for campfire cooking but easily transitions to a camp stove too.

Oh, my ... this stroganoff is delicious!

You cook the pasta right in the sauce ... no need to boil it separately.

Plan for a day around camp to tend to these ribs that cook low, long and slow ... they are fall-off-the-bone tender!

I'll let Carla, a reader, tell you about this recipe...

I gotta tell ya…this is my go-to chicken dish when I have company. It is phenomenal. I cook it all day so that the chicken gets nice and sticky. It is great to make the day ahead and even better as left-overs. I had people over for a Middle Eastern feast and they kept going back for seconds (and thirds) of this dish. I know some people are wary of cooking with fruit, but, one of the guys at my dinner absolutely hates fruit in meals. In fact, he was telling us, while he was eating this dish, how much he hates fruit. I waited until he was finished and said, “Weird. Cuz there’s both dates and apricots in that third helping you’re going for.” HAH! Thanks for this recipe – it has a permanent home in my ‘winner’s cookbook.

The secret to making this camp-friendly pizza is the crust made from batter instead of dough!

This yummy lasagna is made with oven-ready pasta so no pot of boiling water is required!

I'll let MiKayla, a reader, tell you about this recipe...

Truly the best chili ever. I have been making this recipe for about 3 years now and will even make it at home on the stove in my dutch oven. I finally had to leave a comment as I just won a chili cook-off at work with this recipe! Thank you so much!

Stews are some of the best camping dinner recipes for one-pot meals ... this one is packed with tender meat and veggies.

Move over hamburger ... this chili calls for steak!

Want a quick camp meal that is ready in minutes and uses minimal ingredients ?

This is it!

Make Ahead Camp Dinner Recipes

Some make ahead camping meals are "dump and cook" while others are "dump and reheat" ... here are some of our favorites.

Thai flavors are unusual at the campsite but this recipe is made easy because you prep and freeze the ingredients at home, then just defrost and cook at camp.

A nice, hearty beef sandwich with dipping sauce makes a yummy dinner ... this one is super easy too!

This chicken cacciatore is a satisfying meal that goes well with a side salad and garlic bread.

You won't miss take-out from your favorite Asian restaurant if you make this beef and broccoli at camp!

Campfire Dinner Recipes

Check out these campfire cooking tips before you make our amazingly yummy meals.

Here are just a few of our favorite easy campfire recipes you will enjoy!

The cider vinegar and touch of brown sugar make these pork chops slightly sweet and salty.

So much flavor comes from Dijon mustard and this sauce makes boring chicken breasts taste fantastic!

This gumbo is one of those good camping recipes for dinner crowds ... it makes about 12 servings which can be increased if you serve it over rice with bread on the side.

During the summer we make an entire supper out of campfire corn on the cob ... you should too!

It is really good just plain but extra special with basil butter!

The Greek flavors of lemon and feta make this campfire dinner a refreshing option for this affordable protein.

Not every soup recipe can stand alone as a dinner meal ... but ... this one can with its creamy & hearty, sausage & potatoes.

This campfire shrimp is a restaurant-quality dinner that should be on your next camp menu!

No Cook Dinner Recipes

No cook camping meals are great for hot summer camp trips when you really don't feel like cooking.

This salad is anything but a plate of lettuce ... it is a scrumptious supper!

Having an ordinary cold sandwich just doesn't cut it for dinners ... this simple recipe only uses a few ingredients but they are fresh and fabulous when served on ciabatta rolls!

This salad is one of those easy dinner recipes for camping that can be eaten with a fork or rolled up in a tortilla.

Vegetarians love this meal but you can also add cubed chicken or steak for meat eaters.

Wraps are super easy camping meals and taste luscious with minimal ingredients ... if they are fresh and bright.

Pile your favorite salad in a tortilla and dinner is on the table in minutes!

Camp Stove Recipes For Dinner

Campfire Dutch oven cooking is my favorite but when fire restrictions prevent us from using open-flames, I pull out my favorite camp stove recipes and we enjoy every last morsel!

Travel to the Big Easy without leaving your campsite with these shrimp po boys!

Don't feel guilty if you "catch" your fish at the local seafood counter for this delicious one pot cast iron skillet dinner!

Go ahead ... indulge yourself at the campsite but you'll probably need a nap if you eat too much of this rich and creamy pasta.

Easy Camping Dinner Recipes

You can make really easy camping meals if you start with a few prepared ingredients.

Pre-baked pizza crusts are great for topping with interesting ingredients to make artisan-style pies.

This grilled flatbread makes a great dinner but can also be sliced and served as appetizers for Italian main dishes.

If you blink you won't see this meal cook because it is done in minutes ... and ... the flavors of soy and garlic are out of this world!

This pastrami reuben sandwich is ... so easy ... so fast ... so satisfying!

The combination of prepared and fresh ingredients in this pizza make you feel like your favorite batter hit one out of the park with the bases loaded!

Grilled Camping Dinner

5 ingredients and you'll have this grilled chicken quesadilla on the table in a flash.

Vegetarian Camping Recipes For Dinner

My meat-eating family didn't even know they were totally enjoying meatless meals when I made these vegetarian camping recipes.

The crunch that comes from a grilled tortilla makes this burrito a real crowd-pleaser!

This pasta salad is great for camping if you want to make it at home and transport it to the campsite ... the flavors taste better after they marry for a day or two.

Cast Iron Skillet Camping Dinner Recipes

Pull out your favorite skillet when it comes time to make these amazing cast iron dinner recipes!

Try this blackened trout and you'll understand why my brother-in-law said this was THE BEST MEAL HE ATE IN HIS LIFE!

You can use your cast iron skillet on a camp stove or over a campfire to make these yummy sandwiches.

Foil Dinner Recipes For The Campfire

Campfire meals in foil are fun to make and clean-up can't get much easier!

Hobo dinner recipes are a classic campfire treat ... add a sprig of rosemary to your packet for a quick gourmet flair.

Many campfire tin foil dinner recipes include fish and veggies, this one makes its own delectable sauce from a little butter, garlic and white wine.

Dinner Camping Food Recipes No Refrigeration

You don't have to be a backpacker to enjoy camping food recipes no refrigeration ... these are great when you are low on cold storage space.

Canned chicken is dressed up with canned corn and green chilies to make this spicy and slightly sweet Mexican-themed chili.

You can enjoy this bean salad with a fork or wrap it in a tortilla for a quick hand-held meal.

Finish Off Your Camping Dinners With A Sweet Treat

If your family doesn't think dinner is complete without a sweet ending...

We've got s'mores and a whole lot more desserts to complete your camp meal!

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