Cookie Cutter Pancakes

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Cookie Cutter Pancakes are always the perfect treats for all your little Elves and Santa to enjoy!

The young at heart also gets a big kick out of this creative way to serve pancakes and cut out toast for the Holiday Season.

These are great for any occasion like birthday, anniversaries or anything special for breakfast, fun, simple and nothing says I love you more than homemade foods!

The kids love coming up with different shapes from animals to holiday shapes and can even use any squeeze bottle and squeeze the shapes you like.

This is so easy, you don't have to be an artist to make Character shaped pancakes like Micky Mouse or Minnie you just need to decorate the 3 round shapes you make.

Just take a look at the photos.

I used a dollar tree squeeze bottle for ketchup to make the ears and head then just decorated with dried fruits and chocolate chips.

Cutout foods are really personalized, you can find some really cute idea to make the best little treats and keep any day special!

Check out my creative ideas, and remember, they have to be a metal, don't use plastic cookie cutters they will melt!

this is how to make homemade cookie cutter pancakes using a homemade recipe from scratch for the Christmas Holiday season.

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