Fresh Pineapple Pie Recipe

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This Fresh Pineapple Pie Recipe is a favorite old fashioned pie recipe from the 1960s made from scratch with fresh pineapple.

It was one of my dad's favorite pies and I had to learn to make it for him it was so delicious and we couldn't buy one anywhere.

After several times of trying for perfection, my dad said this was the best pineapple pie he ever had and that was a great compliment.

Somehow I managed to get the sweetness of this pie perfectly with fresh fruit instead of the canned they both used!

Although dad's all-time favorite pie was still red raspberry, this surely was a close second for us and a nice change.

It really brought a ray of sunshine in our home during the winter months in Upstate New York when we were in the house for many cold months of snow days!

If you're a pineapple lover out there, this is a must-try!

We all love this pie and I hope you will try some of our other favorite pies like Cannoli Pie and Strawberry Cream Pie.

I am so thankful that dad got to enjoy this pie many times while he was still alive and I will cherish those memories forever.

We love using pineapple in so many ways in chicken, in pineapple cakes, with salmon and it's great even grilled, so we are true pineapple lovers!

Scroll down to the recipe card to print this easy recipe off.

this is a pie made with fresh pineapple and in a homemade flaky crust

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