Italian Panzerotti

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Italian Panzerotti is a fried inside out pizza, as they were described to me when I first had them. These are fried pizza pies but the filling is inside, like a fried stromboli stuffed pizza crust.

The panzerotti is often mistaken for the much larger calzone.

They look alike and theyre both from Italy.

The panzerotti, however, is thought to have started in a small area of Apulia, a southern area next to the Adriatic Sea.

Starting out with homemade pizza dough, stuffed then fried, a delicious inside out pizza is born which is basically what these are.

Interesting fact: panzerotti are so popular in North America that more people consume them in the US and Canada than they do in Italy.

Theyre also the basis for the frozen food or what they call hot pockets here in American.

While calzones are more commonly the size of a medium pizza, panzerottis remain small and sandwich size.

They tend to be about 9 inches in diameter and semi-circled.

Panzerotti is essentially salted, deep-fried, pockets of dough filled with melted mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and your pick of toppings.

During the frying process, they create a pocket of steam that needs to be released prior to eating as they are extremely hot inside like a fritter.

Panzerotti are so easy to eat while on-the-go it can be a great lunch, snack or a whole meal can be made with them

this is a stuffed pizza with meat and cheese in a dough deep fried

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