Italian Rainbow Cookie Recipe

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Absolutely my favorite cookie of all time, easier than I thought to make myself and a perfect addition to the Christmas cookie tray!

I always was in awe looking at these on every wedding tray when I was a little girl in Utica, New York.

It was the only cookie I picked off those trays, I loved them!

I couldn't wait to make my first batch as I grew up and that was the first cookie on the list of must makes.

There are several recipes all over on these rainbow cookies, this one I found the easiest and held up the best.

Utica is noted for great Italian foods and fabulous bakeries.

Not only did all the local Italian bakeries sell them, but many of my relatives made these cookies a tradition in their homes to make every year around the holiday season.

These cookies are famous everywhere in the world looking like an Italian flag in color and so delicious and can even be found to order online.

I am very proud to have grown up with an Italian family background and friends that kept those traditions going.

These Italian Rainbow Cookies is one that brings back the joys of childhood and I just love how these taste and look!

Plan on taking up most of the day, they're not hard but time-consuming.

Don't be intimidated to try these, they are well worth the time spent and everyone will rave about them.

Also, if you love almond paste cookies, try my bakery style recipe for almond paste crescents and also almond paste homemade from scratch.

Check out Arlene's site where I was inspired and adapted this recipe from.

This printable recipe is below, just scroll to the end and let's bake some pretty Italian rainbow cookies!

this is a triple colored cookie that looks like the rainbow in pin, green and white with chocolate melted and cut in squares

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