Italian Raspberry Jam Filled Cookies

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Italian Raspberry Jam Filled Shortbread Cookie is the most asked for cookies I make around the holiday.

The cookie freezes well to make ahead of time, travel great without crumbling and taste fabulous any time of the day.

Another perfect thing about this cookie is the dough.

You can use a cookie cutter into any shape you like.

These were made to look a lot like Linzer cookies because of the little cutout in the middles.

You can shape them into stars, snowflakes or even as a snowman for the holiday season.

The dough is versatile, any jams will go great, we just happen to love raspberry jam and it's perfect in color for the holiday.

I do keep this one special for my Christmas cookie tray.

It's so festive with a little powdery sugar and reminds me of snow, and really adds a warm holiday spirit to my cookie trays.

Mom and I use to make these shortbreads when I was a little girl and being raspberry, we had tried all kinds of other jams but always came back to raspberry.

I hope your family likes them as much as we do, enjoy this recipe.

Please share the joy of the season with others.

Print this out at the end, a great way to give a cookie tray with the recipe attached for gift giving.

these are a cutout raspberry filled with jam cookies similar to a linzer cookie

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