Italian Stew

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This Meat or Vegetable Italian Stew is done in several different ways, using this same recipe.

One is using a big stew pot on the stovetop, slow cooker or even pressure cooker.

Then meats can be added with vegetables or using just vegetables, using any of those three methods of cooking.

Here are two big pots of stew bursting with an amazing flavor both ways!

Guess what you can adapt this to any way your family likes when it comes to ingredients.

Even though this is done with tomatoes and Italian style, the alternative using brown gravy style is included below.

Green beans, carrots, peppers, zucchini, potatoes anything goes in the pot.

All leftovers are welcome in the pot!

Clean out that refrigerator and repurpose leftovers into a brand new meal!

Stew is called stew because anything can go in it right?

So there is no right or wrong, make it the way your family grew up on.

Scroll down and get both the printable recipes for tomato sauce and brown gravy styles below.

this is a basic pot of Italian stew with potatoes, peas, beans, tomato sauce, carrots and green beans with lots of peppers

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