Mom’s Mushroom Stew Upstate New York Style Recipe

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Many years ago mom would make this Mushroom Stew many times during cold wintery snow days

We would pour this fabulous sauce over homemade crusty Italian bread, a vintage old recipe from childhood in Upstate New York.

It was actually a specialty in many local Italian Restaurants there in Utica, New York and still is.

Always a Tuesday special somewhere in good ole Utica also referred to as "Little Italy".

Lucky for us our mom Margaret Ann Fanelli Colenzo was such a great cook we never had to visit those local establishments.

Well to date I still make this even though the recipe now if around 90 years old because she learned from her mom.

Amazing the years that go by we still can remember through home-cooked meals the wonderful memories, aroma's and keep them going generation to generation.

Simple, easy and just plain delicious.

The second recipe is from my late Aunt Mary Di Orio.

I have both recipes in the printable recipe card below, just scroll to the end to print it off.

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