Stovetop Merlot Roasted Chestnuts and Chestnut Stuffing Recipes

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Stovetop Merlot Roasted Chestnuts are a soft nut we make around the Christmas holiday.

Back in the late 1980s, Dad and I made up this recipe kind of by accident because of his love of Chianti, which is the original wine used in his recipe.

I preferred a Merlot, and you can use any kind of wine you like.

The story is quite amusing since these became a favorite stovetop chestnut recipe.

The recipe is easy, I even made a quick video clip with tips for doing this on the stovetop.

Original, mom made an X on the top of the chestnuts, put them on a cookie sheet with a pinch of salt and slow roasted them until tender.

There really wasn't much of a recipe, but check out this easy stovetop method and if you love red wine you're in for a real treat along with how perfect these are adding to any kind of stuffing for your holiday turkey dressing.

Of course, I added that chestnut stuffing recipe below for you as well and you can make that with any leftover chestnuts!

Whether you roasted your chestnuts in the oven, microwave them or stovetop method, these are a unique way to make them thanks to my dear dad may he rest in peace.

I hope you enjoy this style of making this old recipe that brings me great memories.

Scroll down to the recipe card for this easy printable method on making Stovetop Merlot Roasted Chestnuts.

these are chestnuts on a white plate with a holy ornament for Christmas in the background

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