Stainless Steel & Bamboo Plywood Utensil Holder (Color)

Stainless Steel & Bamboo Plywood Utensil Holder (Color)

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Stainless steel bamboo plywood construction

Handmade usa

Babmboo protected food grade sealer

Stainless steel will rust

Great utensils kitchen pens desk

Materials make each utensil holder handmade out stainless steel bamboo plywood process metal cut with tin snips polished then heated color secured aluminum rivets wood screws care taken sure there are burs sharp edges circle hand sanded sealed food grade protectant dimensions approximately inches tall diameter due making separately will slight variations size order please indicate would prefer silver finish last forever have replace decided did want easily recycle made about recycled start paints chemicals used which helps very green product comes furniture maker throw away ends able those bits useful


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